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We are dedicated to supporting and serving our wounded servicemen and women through creating family functions and events such as bonfires, cookouts, swimming, boating, etc. to get the wounded and their families out of the hospital for well-needed rehabilitation. Our goals are to utilize our extremely huge F650 pickup trucks, along with a 15-passenger handicap accessible bus, to transport the wounded veterans and their families to our events or coordinate our efforts with other non-profit organizations in need of transportation to their events.




Through donations, fundraisers, and from personal and corporate sponsorship.

Truckin 4 Troops is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization.

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At Christmas time, 2010 our family began a mission by providing iPods to wounded warriors that were pre-loaded with patriotic music and engraved with “Thank You For Your Service”. We delivered these iPods to the VA Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, Camp LeJeune in North Carolina, Walter Reed and the Bethesda Medical Center. At this time, we were using the term “50/50 Shuffle” to describe what we were doing. Why that name? We initially purchased 50 iPods, they cost $50 each, and they are the Apple iPod Shuffle.

In January 2011 we purchased the first huge F650 pickup truck that we knew would be a great billboard for advertisement of local businesses. The advertisement income was going to support our veterans. Before that got off the ground, a friend suggested it would be a “cool and memorable experience” to pick up the incoming troops returning to BWI Airport with our F650 super truck. We were introduced to Operation Welcome Home out of BWI Airport and soon we were providing transportation for these returning servicemen and women to local hotels. The reactions of the troops were so inspiring to us that we purchased a second F650 pickup truck.

Also in January, we formed our Truckin 4 Troops 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. American-made, custom-designed T-shirts are given to those who we have provided transportation from BWI Airport to a local hotel. T-shirts are also delivered, with the F650 pickup truck, and handed out to the military children at Ft. Meade. Several times at Ft. Meade, we have randomly taken a military family out to dinner – something special in appreciation. Since the conception of Truckin 4 Troops, one of our board members (who makes wooden toys for ‘Toys for Tots’) now is making a wooden replica of our F650 super trucks and we place the iPod Shuffle in the pickup part of the truck, which is presented to the wounded in the hospital.

During the spring of 2011, several non-profit organizations asked if we could provide transportation for the young wounded combat veterans from Bethesda Hospital and bring them to their events. This was an awesome experience for the veterans and rewarding for us as well. We established relationships with the wounded and their families over the summer to include inviting them over for bonfires, cookouts, and trips down to the boat club on the Severn River. We have taken them on tours of Ft. McHenry, visits to speedways, parades, ballgames, and other events. After each occasion, the wounded wanted to thank us for what we have done for them and our response has always been “one way to thank us would be to invite your buddy’s over the next time”. Over the course of a year, these veterans have become a part of our family where we have learned so many other things that we could assist them with, like transportation for their families to and from the airports from Walter Reed Hospital, helping them with vehicle purchases, moving them to their hometowns after being medically released from the hospital, storing their large track chairs, offering to take them out to dinner at nearby restaurants and just serving them every way we can!

We are members of the Patriot Guard and are dedicated to honoring our heroes by attending welcome home ceremonies. We have also participated as an escort during funeral processions and stood in the flag line at the Arlington National Cemetery.

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