For the past 4 years Truckin4Troops has  committed  our  time and personal funds  to support our organization. We organize fundraisers, and hustle, doing whatever it takes  to support our cause!  This has been a huge challenge for us running our traditional business and running our nonprofit! So we started looking for ways to create residual income to fund our organization. We  needed a partner that had the integrity and values that support Truckin4Troops Mission.
 In 2014 we were introduced to IDLife.  After research and personal testimony we knew this was the company we could tie our name and reputation to.  We are so proud to announce our formal partnership with IDLife.  We have developed a program called Health and Wealth 4 our Heroes. To launch this program we will offer to provide pharmaceutical grade, doctor endorsed customized nutritional supplements to 100% disabled veterans that we have worked with over the past four years.  Not only does this offer health and wellness benefits to the lives of these heroes but it offers them the opportunity for “wealth”.  

We are providing Health & Wealth through the  IDLife partnership along with training and support from our Truckin4Troops Team.We look forward to Giving hope to our heroes with our partners at IDLife.

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