Truckin 4 Troops receives Governor’s Proclamation at Classy in Camo Gala


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On March 14th 2015 Truckin 4 Troops Celebrated our Wounded Heroes at the 

1st Annual Classy in Camo Gala held at Michael’s on The South River.

The Governor of the State of Maryland Proclaimed March 14th 2015 Truckin 4 Troops Day.

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There are so many people to thank for their contribution to our event.

Thank you to Advisory Board Member and Classy in Camo

Event Director Bridgette Lundfelt 

Corporate Sponsors:

Bell  Nursery, Michael’s on The South River, Rising Sun Motors, Economy Tree, Retirement Planning Services, Red Eyes &  Mears Point Marina, American Management Services, ASAP Printing, Two Rivers Restaurant, The Bob Lucido Team  & Ed Palmer, Koons Ford Annapolis, Adams Jeep, Leo’s Vacation World, Eastern Regional Electric.

A Special Thank You to our Volunteers:

Amelia Foxwell, Danny Stroup, Kathy Trotter, DJ GM (Music, Sound and Light), Robbie Boothe (Country Singer), Darren Wilburn, Bryan Tyler,  MaryEllen Cote and
Tam, from SOS, for donating and operating the simulator room.

To all of you who helped make the Classy n Camo 2015 Gala a Success,

 On behalf of Truckin4Troops I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Tony Piera for donating this beautiful facility, the food and the drinks we are enjoying and his staff, especially Christina, it was a pleasure to work with you. Big Thanks to DJ GM and Tam from SOS for donating their services.  To our corporate sponsors The Bob Lucido Team and Ed Palmer, a former Marine, who has a table full of decorated veterans.  Thank you for for your service as well.

Red Eyes, Mears Point Marina, Two Rivers, ASAP Printing, American Mgmt Services, Rising Sun Motors, Economy Tree, Retirement Planning  Services, Leo’s Vacation World, Koon’s Ford, Adam’s Jeep of Annapolis, Eastern Regional Electric, and our Friend Gary Mangum of Bell Nursery for not only his sponsorship but for the beautiful flowers that are decorating this event and for his amazing support.

Danny Stroup, thank you for getting this ball rolling and for all your help in spreading the word

I myself would also like to say thank you to Gary and Sonia Mangum for opening their home up to T4T and our heroes when I asked and for embracing, supporting and spreading the word.  Gary you are one of a kind and we love and appreciate you both.

Kathy Trotter, you are a rock star.

And to my friend, my sounding board and my right arm through the whole planning process of Classy in Camo, Amelia Foxwell.  I love you my friend

And last but not least I want to thank God for the Brave Men and Woman who serve our Country so selflessly, and with all that I have Thank you all for your service.  I want to also thank God for allowing me to be a part of T4T

 It has been a true blessing and an honor in my life to be able to be a part of the T4T family  and to be a  small part of the lives of the brave men and woman who serve our great Country.   I had been searching for away to do something for our service men and woman and fate would lead me to T4T.   My family and I were in DC volunteering when I came across this huge F650 Truck, plastered with support for our troops.  Intrigued I took a brochure, I can remember how excited I was as I read it on the way home.  This was a fairly new organization and local, maybe I could help.  Long story short as I dug deeper I saw that the founder was Scott Mallary, an old HS friend of mine.  What were the odds?  Although many years had passed it was an easy connection, our long ago friendship was easy to pick up.  The first event that I attended with T4T would fuel my passion.  You see I met this young man who touched my life and inspires me still today.  He just so happens to be here tonight.  On that day I met Todd Love.  At the time he was 19 years old, the same age as my son. Todd lost both of his legs and an arm in Afghanistan. The smile on this young man’s face was contagious and his spirit awe inspiring. I will never forget him doing wheelies in his wheel chair as we spoke or how he wheeled his chair quicker than I could walk so that he could open the door for me.  Todd fueled my passion and opened

my eyes wider to the price that is paid for our freedoms.  Not everyone gets that and many just don’t care. Bu the Mallary’s get it, and they get it and give back in a big way.  It did not take me long to realize that T4T was more than an organization helping our wounded veterans, they are different, they are family to these heroes.  Many do not understand how long our wounded heroes stay at Walter Reed but in many cases it is years.  Most will need a family caregiver who will come to live at WR with their recovering, son, daughter, husband or wife.  Many will have children who will also come to live at WR.  Their life is uprooted as they leave their home towns all over the United States. The book Unbreakable Bonds, on our silent auction table will give you a glimpse into life at WR and I encourage every American to read it.  Tom McCrae and his mighty Mom Carolee, two heroes who have touched my heart deep and are also here tonight are featured in this book.   This is the place where the Mallary’s step in and in my eyes are very special and very different from other organizations.  They become their extended family, offering their home for Birthday parties and Alive Days, welcoming them with and an open table on Christmas and Thanksgiving and just being there to help whenever asked. The lengths that they will go to to support our wounded veterans, their families and really anyone who has served our Country amazes me and makes me proud to know them.  The slide show and the brochures show a great picture of what T4T does but there is more much more.  Things  that pictures cannot capture.  I cannot begin to tell you how many times my heart has been warmed as I watch the teenage Mallary kids playing and loving the children of our Wounded Heroes and I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have called Scott and he is doing something as simple as changing the oil, delivering moving boxes or picking up a soldier or family member at the airport.  The effort that Lynne puts in to host parties for the children of WR and the compassion she shows for our Wounded Heroes is truly special.  It is evident that the Mallary’s have become family to so many, this weekend they have 13 guest wounded heroes and family members staying at their home, they could of stayed in a hotel but they choose the Mallary home as many do as they come back to WR for treatments after they have gone  back to their home towns.  While T4T main program is creating family friendly events and assisting with truck purchases their mission is to bring hope to heroes and do whatever it takes to put a smile on the faces of those deserving heroes, and that is the heart of my friend Scott and his family.  Thank you for all you do and thank you for letting me be a part of it.  

 Bridgette Lundfeldt, Event Director Classy n Camo & Advisory Board Member

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